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2018 SASDT Press Release 2 9Feb2018

South African Society of Dairy Technology (SASDT)
Suid Afrikaanse Vereniging vir Suiweltegnologie (SAVST)

The goals of the SASDT are:

to promote and encourage technological and scientific advancement in the Dairy Industry by:

  • the dissemination and application of knowledge,
  • and the provision of opportunities for
  • discussion, co-operation, education, training and research.

The South African Society of Dairy Technology (SASDT) is an active society whose primary objective is to promote and encourage technological and scientific advancement amongst our members who are key role players in our national dairy industry. Through our annual national symposium along with regular regional meetings held by each division, we successfully communicate new trends and updates on technical issues of benefit to our local dairy industry.

The Society was formed in 1967 by the amalgamation of the Natal, Western Cape, Central and Transvaal societies of dairy technology. The Eastern Cape Division was formed afterwards and later disbanded. Bruce Carte was the first National President. The Natal Society Of Dairy Technology was the first to be established, by Bruce Carte and others, on 29 October 1960. As a student Bob Hall from our Natal division was part of this event. Richard Carte (Bruce’s father) was the first President of the Natal Society. The other three societies were formed fairly soon after.

Our members

The SASDT members are persons and companies from all business sectors involved in the dairy industry.  Dairy processors, their producers and also suppliers to the dairy industry, are the key members making our society an exciting and vibrant organisation.  We are currently represented by approximately 300 members country-wide.

Functioning of the Society

The national committee oversees the management of four regions, (Western Cape, Northern, Central and KwaZulu Natal).  Each region is responsible for hosting 4-8 meetings per year per region.

Our annual national symposium serves as an opportunity for all our members to participate in local and international speakers sharing updates on the latest trends and technical developments in the local and global dairy markets.

Which dairy related topics are of importance to us?

Our symposiums deal with various dairy topics i.e. packaging, sanitation, fermentation organisms, lactic phage, bio-remediation, dairy economics – domestic and global, quality control systems and several other new technological advances impacting our industry.

Membership fees for 2018:

Professional/Corporate/Members R500
Divisional fees (all divisions)   R50
Student Members R65
Dairy Mail postage (Optional) TDM R80
  Total without TDM:   R550
Total for Students without TDM: R115
Total With TDM: R630
Total for Students with TDM: R195