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Main sponsor 50th Symposium (May 2017)

Lake Foods



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Speaker Program – Presentation Downloads

Ms Kelli Hayes, CHR Hansen, Denmark  

Sponsor Keynote – What these food fads really mean…


Ms Rosie Maguire, In Essence, South Africa  

SAAFoST Keynote

Daring innovation … the key to game changing products


Dr Gerrie du Rand, Consumer Science, UP, South Africa  

Academic Keynote – Discovering Dairy on your Doorstep


Mr Melt Loubser, Chairman of SAMPRO, South Africa Industry Keynote
Dr Chris van Dijk, President SANCIDF, South Africa WDS 2016 Feedback & the impact on the South African Dairy Industry


Ms Christine Leighton, DairyCep, South Africa


WDS 2016 Feedback & the impact on the South African Dairy Industry


Sensory Talks on Surprise event  Smack Republic, Beer and Cheese paring


Mr Alwyn Kraamwinkel, SAMPRO, South Africa Key market signals


Mr Jompie Burger, Dairy Standard Agency, South Africa  

Strategic approach for bio security in the dairy chain


Mr Desmond Magudza, University of Pretoria, South Africa  

Source tracking of Bacillus cereus in an ESL milk processing plant


Mr Gerhard Venter, SAMPRO Training Manager, South Africa  

The design basis for the qualification: Food laboratory analyst


Mr Tulani Sibanda, University of Pretoria, South Africa  

Modelling the survival of acid and salt stressed Listeria monocytogenes in a lactic soft cheese stored at 4°C


Mrs Rina Belcher, Belnori, South Africa  

Small stock dairy in South Africa – the view from Bapsfontein


Mr Jacky Brunet, DSM, Netherlands  

Optimized phage-robust cultures


Mr Fabrice Lesault, REgional Business Director, BIOMERIEUX, France  

Rapid Decisions outside quality control



Ms Dorte Eskesen, CHR Hansen, Denmark  

LGG® – the probiotic for health and dairy but what about EFSA?


Mr Victor Ntuli, University of Pretoria, South Africa  

Quantitative risk assessment for shigatoxin producing E.coli in bulk milk


Prof Garry Osthoff, UFS, South Africa  

Casein and casein micelle structure


Mr Giovanni Piatto, Reda, Italy  

Adding Value to Dairy Processing by the use of Cross Flow Filtration


Organised visit to Robotic Milk farm close to Rayton  
Dr Kobus Neethling  


2017 Session 7 Speaker 1 Neethling


Ms Deléne Boshoff, PHT-SA, South Africa  

Dare to Cheese


Ms Shandré Candiotes, University of Pretoria, South Africa  

It is time to cry over spilled milk



Mr Brett Wordon, DuPont, South Africa  

Opportunities, challenges and solutions for long life yoghurt in Africa


Mr Johan Jacobs, Deltamune, South Africa  

The threat of Listeria in dairy products