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The SA Society of Dairy Technology (SASDT) makes an annual award to a post-graduate student for research completed during the previous academic year. The award in question will be a substantial cheque.

The award will be made to the winner at the Annual General Meeting and Symposium of the SASDT. To qualify for this award, a completed research project on a dairy related problem by a post-graduate student in article format, must be submitted to the Secretariat before the 30th January each year. The article will then be forwarded to the adjudicators whose findings will be submitted to the next Management Committee meeting at the end of January for final approval.

Any South African Tertiary Training Institution that presents a food-related degree course at post-graduate level may nominate meritorious candidates for this award. The basic idea of such an award is to encourage dairy research at Tertiary Training Institutions. Only one submission per candidate will be accepted. If only one nomination has been submitted, the adjudicator will decide whether the research has enough merit to receive the award.

The following guidelines for evaluation will be applied by the adjudicator:

  1. As the submission being judged should form part of a completed project or study, it will mean that such project has most probably already been examined. The project should be judged afresh and the results of the examination should have no influence (positively or negatively) thereon.
  2. Following on point 1 above, projects for M-degrees will therefore compete with projects for PhD-degrees. Each project will be examined on its own level/merits.
  3. Scientific contribution to general science.
  4. Scientific contribution to dairy science.
  5. Uniqueness, i.e. does the project stand out, or is it merely a test or opinion (survey).
  6. To give a short description of the project report.
  7. To give an analysis of whether the candidate:
    1. has shown an understanding of the nature and objectives of the study;
    2. has enough knowledge of the relevant literature;
    3. understands the necessary research techniques;
    4. understands the relevant scientific methods;
    5. was capable of evaluating the significance of the results;
    6. was capable of completing the report in an acceptable literary style with the minimum of typing and language errors.
  8. To give his/her impressions of the value of the project in terms of the advancement of dairy science and technology in South Africa.

Kindly send your respective nominations to the Secretariat before 30th January 2011 so that the above procedure can be instituted.